The Apocalypse Will Be Slow and Boring

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In 1978 James Burke produced and narrated a series on the history of science called Connections. It’s a wonderful series and I highly recommend you get a hold of all three seasons.

But right now, watch this video about technology traps.  You’ll get the idea after the first ten minutes but feel free to seek out and watch the whole thing.

When the infrastructure in the city breaks down it would seem that the smartest thing to do is flee.  But that is not an option for many and anyway you have to see disaster coming to get out ahead of the swarm of humanity with the same idea. 

And where will you go?  When you get there, what will you do? Will you even know when to leave?

The apocalypse will come by inches, you won’t know it’s upon you until long after it’s too late.  But if you have a copy of this book you may not notice it at all because you’ll by comfortable, well fed and in a position to help those around you.

toolbox for sustainable city living

Scott Kellogg and Stacy Pettigrew of Austin’s Rizome Collective have put together this book, Toolbox for Sustainable City Living on sustainable living, permaculture, aquaculture, energy production, bioremediation and many other subjects all designed with city dwellers in mind.  Subjects such as gardening, alternative energy and fuels are only touched upon as there are many resources already available.  However the information on Aquaculture and particularly bioremediation of contaminated land (brownfields) is extensive and unique.

The Apocalypse will be slow and boring – pay attention and prepare and you might not even notice it.

 [People often send me books for review – but this is one I sought out and bought because I find the subject a fascinating and complex puzzle.]