The Laboratory of Time: an Italian Steampunk Forum

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Numisi writes:

…I write to you to represent the Italian Steampunk community. We have worked hard for a year to make this community emerge, trying to make people know what Steampunk is also in Italy . . .we know that there are a lot of Italian Steampunks out there, but only a few know we exist, so, we need a hand by someone known like you to reunite all of them.

Our url is, and the name of the website is Laboratory of Time. We’d be glad if you read something of our website, and if you have problems with the language, simply ask for everything you want to know: everyone there speaks English, so you would be soon answered!

Best regards,

Numisi Nebulosa

The spread of Steampunk throughout the worlds is both amazing and wonderfully exciting to me! I can’t wait to see the mods that are sure to come out of  Italy in the near future. Everyone brings a bit of their own aesthetic and culture to this genre and with Italy’s history of artistic expression, fashion, and design; the results are sure to be something special!