OH MY! The Music of Michael Scott Parker

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I get a great deal of email these days, I try to answer it all but I’m afraid the day I will not be able to fast approaches. I am grateful for the pics of cool stuff and links to net Steampunkia, and I really do enjoy answering thoughtful questions about making stuff.

It was just such a question that put me on to the music of Michael Scott Parker .  The question I received was signed "Michael the girl" which caught my eye and caused me to click through to her website listed in the .sig . . .


"Oh My!" is what you say when you stumble across something stunning and powerful. "Oh My!" is what you say when you are worried about Lions and Tigers and Bears. "Oh My!" is the last thing Captian Kirk ever said and "Oh My!" was my reaction too.  I do not seem to be alone.

Oh My! is frequently the response evoked when hearing the “exquisite hollow sounding” voice of the uncut indie rock diamond, Michael Scott Parker. So she borrowed her working title from the gaping mouths of her audience and has been infusing people with inspiration and collaborating with artists and musicians, realizing her talent as a visionary muse.

Michael creature is a creative force of nature.

I hesitate to define her sound in terms of other artists – it seems somehow disrespectful – but it’s an awfully useful way to give you a quick sonic impression so I’ll risk it; think of a guitar playing Tori Amos with some Liz Phair and maybe a little Dido mixed in.  She’s smart, powerful, and interesting.

Better yet go have a listen, you can buy a CD from that page as I did or download DRM free MP3s from CDBaby.  According to their FAQ CDBaby passes on 91% of the purchase to the artist and I particularly like the fact that they are explicit in stating that tracks are encoded with the LAME encoder’s variable bit rate setting, the same method I use:  "lame –preset extreme" .