Man Krew

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(photo: myself at the 2009 Man Build)

About 23 miles north of the middle of nowhere lies a small, innocuous ranch. A sign, about the same prominence as the NO TRESPASSING beside it, identifies it as Black Rock Station Storage and Production Facility. This is Burning Man's work ranch.

Since 2007, I have trekked here- I am in situ- along with 15 other artists, crafters, carpenters, city slickers- to build Burning Man's figurehead, affectionately known among us as Mr.Splinters. In just under a week, a pile of lumber is transformed into a false idol famous enough to Moses blush.

The internet is spotty up here- we are, in fact, in the wild west (scorpions included) but both myself and the internet-starchild SFSlim will be posting about our progress. His writings can be found at the Burning Man Blog. You might also considering following me on Twitter, as 140 characters is a little bit easier for this ol' bessie, our internet connection, to handle.