Jigsaw Renaissance news and events

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First off, we're looking for a new space. Willow has a post on the current top choice. We want a bigger space, more centrally located, that's easier to let people into; this is all of those and nice-looking too. 

Click through for up-coming events in March:

March 5, 6pm: EPOC meetup, rescheduled from last week. For anyone who's interested in EEG headset hacking.

March 6, noon: Saturday House. An open informal gathering with no required activities. Play a game, share something you've made, talk, or organize an activity–Saturday House is what you make it!

March 10, 7pm: Show and Tell. Bring your projects and show them off. Here's a homemade cloud chamber from last month's show and tell, and a video of it in action.

March 12, 6pm (offsite): H+ discussion group – overview of transhumanism, for those of you wondering what this H+ thing is. This will be at the Elysian Brewing Co, 1221 East Pike St.

March 18, 7pm: How to organize a gathering. Willow has a lot of experience with this, and is looking forward to sharing it!

March 20, 10am-7pm: Creative writing workshop by Beau Prichard. Contact Beau (see link) for cost and availability info.

March 21, 6-9 (offsite): Piano demolition and scavenging. Harley has a broken piano. He wants to use some of the parts, but I'm sure we can find cool uses for the rest.

March 26, 6pm: Another EPOC meetup.