Blogathon to Benefit Boston Area Rape Survivors

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inside out matchboxSomething about this little inside-out temporally inverted matchbox really really appeals to me – and it will be mine unless you out-bid me!  Actually you should out-bid me, and by a large amount as the procedes from these auctions go to benefit the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center.

[Update: Somebody out bid me!  But I upped my bid and I'm back on top! Mwah hah hah ha!]

It's all the doing of spectulative fiction writer Shira Lipkin who will be:

. . . doing a blogathon this Saturday, July 26 – posting to my LiveJournal every half hour for 24 hours to raise money for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. This is my sixth year blogathonning, and I write spontaneous short fiction every year. It usually tends to have an urban fantasy bent (as in fantasy in a city, not paranormal romance), but this year, I'm taking a distinctly SF angle on it. For 24 hours, I'll be in character as a xenoarchaeologist, trying to make sense of precollapse Earth… with the help of over 50 artists who donated "artifacts" to this project, including a few SF/F authors themselves. All artifacts are being auctioned, with a story card.

It all goes down here:
And the auctions are here:

And there's a lot more info on my LJ about why I do this, and why BARCC.