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James Ng Eastern Steampunk Art

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A friend just introduced me to the Artwork of James Ng and I have to share the spellbinding intersection of Asian Art and Steampunk: I have a warm spot in my heart for Dragon Airships: Another I like is Gates of Hell: Reminiscent of Rodin: Photo by: By albany_tim

Steampunk Philosophy

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Is steampunk about Victorian fashion and uber cool mechanical gadgets or is it also about something more?  This is a question I have been struggling with for sometime, I am a goth from the late 80’s and I associate that subculture with an aesthetic sense of beauty that embraces

US Steam Land Speed Record Attempt

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Have you ever wondered how fast a steam car can go? You are not the only one.  The U.S. Land Steam Record (USLSR) Team is seeking to become the fastest steam-powered vehicle on earth at the famous Bonneville Salt Flats in early August 2011. The current record speed of