VW Type 3 Replacement Carburetor Linkage

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I'm working on an old Volkswagen Type 3 for a friend, she's sort of an automotive foster child. The car in question is a 1972 VW Squareback named Adelaide and she is in surprisingly good shape except for her motor. But fortunately I have in my warehouse a spare Type 3 engine that was given to me by my father-in-law several years ago that will fit Adelaide perfectly.

Unfortunately, this engine was missing a few parts. The air cleaner was gone as well as the linkage that connects the Solex 32PDSIT carburetors to the gas pedal. After market air cleaner are easily purchased online and have been ordered. However,  I had to fabricate something that would would serve to replace the carburetor linkage.

I started with some steel rod that would fit inside a 1" long piece of 3/8" brass tubing. I used my milling machine to reduce the size of the steel rod to fit, but you could also chuck it up in a drill and use a grinding wheel or belt sander to make it fit.

I then added a spring and drilled a 6 mm hole through both the brass and the steel for the ball on the carb to fit. Finally, a 4 mm rod was threaded and the body of the connector tapped to complete the fitting.

The resultant assembly clips on to the ball fittings on the 32 PDSIT carburetors quite nicely.

I hope to have the engine back in soon and will post a full description of Adelaide when she is running again. Adelaide will be for sale and she is quite a fine example of the breed.