Steampunk’d Wacom Tablet

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 Dan writes:

This whole thing started when I dropped my graphire3 wacom tablet.  Everything worked just fine, but the case cracked and would not stay together.  After some soul searching I decided that since I couldn’t use the thing in its current condition I might as well try and improve it.

I started out by measuring out the circuit board and came up with a cut list.  I decided to use ABS plastic for my homemade case due to it’s stability.

I built the case in 4 layers.

1. border piece that I wrapped in black leather
2. clear acrylic (so the circuit board could be seen)
3. Inside border to hold the circuit board in place
4. bottom

After many hours of brainstorming how to keep all the layers pressed together and in place I stumbled upon the idea of using a picture frame.  Since I didn’t plan on using a frame I did not make my case a standard size.  This lack of foresight meant I had to have a frame cut for me.  I found the perfect frame at Cheap Pete’s discount frames in San Rafael CA that had a channel cut that fit my assembled case so perfectly that it could have been made for it.

Then as I was browsing ebay one night I stumbled upon a gem.  An antique brass lamp arm that was the perfect width of my project.  When it arrived I found screws that fit into the arm and ground the head of the screws so that they would slide into the channel on the back of the picture frame, I couldn’t have asked for a better fit! 🙂

Everything looked great except it was lacking that extra something…  I found that something at Baubles & Beads also in San Rafael.  4 brass findings that tied everything together.