Steampunk Humbug?

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Hearing some really interesting criticism here – but I’m not sure who it’s aimed at, unless possibly it’s the press and I really can’t speak to that.

We are being taken for rubes. At worst, the Steampunkers seem to be mediocre hobbyists with great publicists. It seems fine to me that an obscure niche of DIY hobbyists want to create an imaginary Victorian present, no matter how insular or simpleminded it might be. Reality is what you make of it, even if it is apparent that some people prefer reality to look like a discarded sci-fi movie prop. It is entirely another thing for the press, in their endless “style” trolling, to claim Steampunk as some sort of important movement

As for what I do, it is un-apologetically scrap-booking writ with brass and steel rather then paper and foil. It’s damn fun and I’m really happy others are interested because it brings people into a community that understands the shear joy of making things yourself.

And that’s the best thing about Steampunk, the community of Steampunks.

As for great publicists, sorry, no. That’s DIY too.

Click on through and read for yourself.  Alan Rorie has some interesting commentary on his blog: Almost Scientific.

[Emily and Tom Sepe‘s Whirlygig Emoto appear here because they are pictured in the article and, well, lovely.]