SPWS on Make:TV – only three more days!

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Just three more days until Episode 103 featuring the Steampunk Workshop!

Make:TV first contacted me nearly two years ago to talk about doing a segment in and around my bus project.  I was enthusiastic, but after a couple of months of emailing back and forth, the producers I had been talking too stopped responding.  It was a bit of a mystery until Maker Faire last year where I had the delightful experience of being seated across from Dale Dougherty at breakfast!  Dale turns out to be a friendly and interesting chap who I very much enjoyed talking with – but be warned if you engage with Dale you WILL walk away from that conversation with action items regardless of whether or not you work for his organization!  😉

So, it seems that the original incarnation of Make:TV was to be produced by a company that does a lot of video for cable and they were very much more interested in un-making then Making, and by that I mean blowing stuff up.  The O’Reilly organization deserves HUGE props for pulling the plug and rebooting the show with Twin Cities Public Television. Speaking of TPT; what a wonderful group of folks!  I met the executive producer Richard Hudson, at a meet-and-greet for Public Television buyers at our local PBS station WGBH, and found him to be a very sharp guy with a Maker’s soul. In fact, everyone I’ve met from TPT has been just exactly the sort that you would love to have tell your story.

Make:TV is airing on many PBS stations already and will air on even more (include our own WGBH) in a few months.  In the meantime you can watch it at the Make:TV website, iTunes, and on YouTube.