The Artwork of Morgaine von Slatt

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Morgaine von Slatt - ClockworksOne of the reasons that I hesitate to use the word "artist" in reference to myself is the fact that I have a talented sister who embodies that cognomen.  Today I have the singular pleasure of introducing you to the works of the very talented Morgaine von Slatt!

Morgaine has recently completed a series of mono-prints and with subjects like the cogs at right, the Antikythera machine and alchemy I think that you’ll agree they are well in keeping with the Steampunk aesthetic.

Form her website:

My primary medium is monotype, a print making method in which only one print is created at a time.  I combine this with additional methods such as lithography, drypoint and collograph.  Each print is an original, part of a series and grouped around a central theme or image.
The Steampunk prints are created from bits and pieces of cool looking stuff I found from researching antique scientific instruments, gears and old machinery and alchemy. The drawings are both hand drawn and manipulated on the computer. Then it is back to the archaic printmaking process, using oil based inks and a large heavy mechanical hand cranked printing press and the final print is created.

You’ll find three more images under the cut and you may click on any image to take you to Morgaine’s site where you can purchase a print.

Morgaine von Slatt - Blue Cresent Morgaine von Slatt - Antikethera Morgaine von Slatt - Golden Compass