Kerosene Acorn Burner Sconce Lamp

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I was having a hard time this morning getting started working in the shop.  I get one day a week to work in the shop and as a result I often end up with a list of things I want to get done that is about three times longer then it should be, stress results.  Today I decided "screw it, I'm making a lamp."  I started with a couple of pieces of brass from an earlier, rejected, project that fit together to form a reflector and kerosene reservoir.


I filed down a collar for an "Acorn" style burner, drilled a hole for iot, and solder it to the top of the reservoir.


 I cut a piece of 22 gauge brass for the top of the reflector and then used the rollers to give it the right curve.


Once the pieces were cut I soldered them in place. I used a step drill to drill the hole in the top for the chimney.  I just eyeballed it, the beauty of these drills is that you can "shift" a hole right or left as you drill by applying sideways pressure.


I am not at all happy with the soldering job. When will I learn that you MUST take the time to file the brass pieces so they fit tightly and then use the absolute minimum amount of solder?  This is not like welding steel, you can't simply lay in a nice fillet and then grind it smooth.


I cleaned things up as nicely as possible with the Dremel and buffing wheel, it doesn't look too bad and the little Acorn burner from Lehman's throws an amazing amount of light!


I soldered a hanger on the back.  I think I could improve the construction of this lamp to make it easier to assemble and finish, I might just make a few more copies to sell on Esty – would anyone be interested?


 I really like the reflections of the flame.