Exciting Steam Powered News on Saturday!

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Only a few more days until the Steam Powered – The California Steampunk Convention!

It’s been a big week for me already and it’s only Monday!  Yesterday I got the propane torches and sound system working on our primary prop for All Hallows E’en.  We’re doing "The Wizard of Oz" and I get to be "The Great and Powerful!"  I know you are anxious to see the rig, so I’ll try and get some video up tomorrow.  Friday is going to be a blast!  Mwhahahahaa!

Then Saturday morning, likely sometime around 4AM, a car will arrive to whisk me off to the airport and the first California Steampunk Convention.  I’m really excited about this because I’m going to get to see so many of the people I met at Maker Faire again!

I’m also going to get to meet some folks in person for the very first time  including Ann and Jeff VanderMeer the editors of the Steampunk anthology. 

Jeff and I really seem to have hit it off and have been plotting and planning ever since we met online back in April.  A little earlier today we received some sensational news! The details are still in the works, but we will almost certainly have an exciting announcement for you on Saturday at Steam Powered!