Comic Book Tattoo – Tori Amos

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As anyone who's hung out with me for more than a short while knows, I'm a long time Tori Amos fan. Well Tori's latest project Comic Book Tattoo is an intersection of two of our favorite worlds here at The Steampunk Workshop; music and comic books.

From the Amazon product description:

Over 80 of the best creators from every style and genre have contributed over 50 stories to this anthology featuring tales inspired by the songs of multi-platinum recording artist, Tori Amos! Featuring an introduction by Neil Gaiman and an extensive roster of talent, Comic Book Tattoo encapsulates the breadth, depth, and beauty of modern comics in this coffee table format book.

Oh I do hope the first Tori song I ever heard Spark is among them!  Oh and Happy Phantom and Sweat Dreams and and  .  .  .

Here's an interview with Tori From the folks over at Comic Book Resources :