Titus Andronicus – Steampunk Shakespeare

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If you are anywhere near the Mass. College of Liberal Arts in North Adams MA, you should definitey consider checking this out as it sounds absolutely wonderful!

Nichoals Fahey writes:

I’m a theater major and have the priviledge of directing a show in november. We’re putting on "Deathmachine Andronicus" a spin on Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus, set in a mythical roman setting in which the Roman Empire never collapsed but instead flourished to have it’s own industrial revolution hundreds of years ahead of our time.

And he goes on the say:

[We’re] building a fully funtional steam-powered "Deathmachine" that bakes people into pies. Blood, guts, gore, shakespeare, and steam.

How can that not be awesome!

Click through for a pic of the aforementioned Death Machine!