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Stonybrook Fine Arts- DIY space in Boston

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I’ve been chillaxing for awhile now in Boston. It’s very unusual that I stay in a place for more than 3 nights, and I’ve been here 3 weeks. The reason for my extended stay is Stonybrook Fine Arts, a bad-ass DIY space, classroom, metal shop. This is exactly the

Blanket Magazine

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Blanket Magazine has a short piece of Steampunk on the web this month, but that is mainly just the excuse I used to post.  Blanket magazine is: . . . is a free PDF online magazine that is aimed at uncovering art + design + photography from the talented

Dead Simple Charging Station

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Here's a dead simple cell phone charging station I installed next to our main entrance.  It's just a pair of hangers of the sort you'd use in the garage to store a shovel or a rake.  If your wall isn't made of barn-board like ours, you can screw the

TechnOccult interview with Alex CF

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TechnOccult inteviews wunderkammer artist AlexCF: I guess it all started with this little box, called “The Vampire Legacy Case” about a 14th century aristocratic vampire, the last rites and possessions of this vampiric lord. I had the idea of creating an alternative past, creating characters and species with which

Clockwork Hand

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The Clockwork Hand by deviantart user Astalo is lovely in it’s craftsmanship. It is, however, a strange cross between cyborg upgrade and flirtatious torture device- wear it for super strength or make someone else wear it, turn the crank, forcibly making the ‘come hither’ motion , over and over

Handsome font for you pica pushers

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Typography can be (and usually is) tremendous amount of stress. I, for one, tear my hair out every time I see the currently ubiquitous Bleeding Cowboys; another friend has a dysfunctional relationship with Papyrus- over and over he vows it’s over- only to be found trysting at midnight, kerning.

Steampunk Keyboard from Germany

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Kay writes: I have often been inspired and impressed by your work. Here you can see one  of my lastest projects.  It’s a original german steampunk keyboard. More pics you find at: www.flickr.com/photos/steamtux There is nothing I like to hear more then that! and man-oh-man did he do a


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This morning I was telling my daughter about the creatures called "Cattails" that Larry Niven invented for World out of Time.  I remember enjoying that book a lot but more than anything the description of the genetically modified cat/snake hybrid stuck with me.  It had the head of a

Dig my grave with a lacy shovel: The art of Cal Lane

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Cal Lane is quite a lady. Oxy-acetalyne torch in hand, she intracately carves out lace-like patterns out of shovels, wheelbarows, cars, and most impresively- full sized I-beams. Just looking at her work, I wish i was able to experience it first hand- These formidable, unwieldy, solid hunks of steel

Austin, Grackles, and the Junk King

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I have been tootling around Austin for a couple days now, guided mainly by locals scribbling favored destination on scraps of paper. I’ve visited (and took a dip in) Austin’s famed Barton Springs park ("dude" an old hippie told me "it’s, like, Austin’s spiritual center"), drank Shiner Bock at