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SCRA: Webcomic Questionable Content invents most awesome band, ever.

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  The always-awesome webcomic Questionable Content has been running a short series of fictional (but for how long?) band "Society for Creative Rock Anachronism". He’s only 2 strips into the story arc at the moment, but apparently response has been, well, wide-eyed geeky obsessive enthusiasm. Go check it out.

Meredith Scheff Interviews Phil Foglio

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[Editors Note: I'm very happy to have the opportunity to introduce you to Meredith Scheff who will be doing a series of articles for The Steampunk Workshop where she will "go exploring in the jungles of maker workshops; and share the images with you, the hopefully regular reader." Meredith

Electrolytic Machining of Brass, a Clockwork Trilobite

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I have been having great success etching brass plate with a solution of copper sulfate and an electrical current.  The depth, quality, and speed of the etchings have been quite controllable and it seemed to me that I might be able to etch completely through a piece of brass.  This capability