Art Donovan’s Stunning Shiva Mandala

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I had the honor of sharing space in a gallery show with Art last year in the Hamptons.  I've long admired his Steampunk lamps and I particularly like that his work often incorporates elements that are reminiscent of pulp science fiction cover art – there's always a touch of Forbidden Planet along with the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea!

Well, Art's latest working is simply stunning, Art writes:

My most most complex Steampunk work to date with influences of Hinduism, Freemasonry and ancient astronomy. 72" tall x 72" wide. Solid Mahogany, Solid Brass, Glass, Spun-Filament Fiberglass, Plaster, LED + Incandescent Bulbs, Acrylic Resin, Ultra Violet Tubes + Electric Motors.

The central part of the mandala is a precise, hand made reproduction of an ancient Persian astrolabe as seen in the Museum of the History of Science at the University of Oxford.

There's much more on Art's Blog here.