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Wet Plate Photography ... on an iPhone Back!

ambrotype iphone backWhen I started on my iPhone back project I actually researched wet plate photography, the process of putting an emulsion on glass, exposing it, and developing it into an image. How awesomely steampunk that would be!

However, though I've done a little black and white developing and printing in the distant past, I am by no means skilled in this discipline.

However, Jake Potts was thinking along the same lines and had the mad skillz to bring his project to fruition!

Click through to view his process and the results.

Putting Old Lenses on a Canon DSLR

While digging through my old camera equipment I came across my Grandfather's 35mm Exa . While I have absolutely no desire to revisit the days of film, I was kind of interested in what sort of image the old German made lens would produce on my modern Canon DSLR so I went in search of a way to attach it. 

I found machined custom metal adapters, and adapters made with scavenged old Canon lens, but I was looking for something cheaper and easier to mod.

It all came together when I spotted an inexpensive plastic adapter made to mount the plastic lens from a Diana camera on a Canon DSLR.


Yr Doin' It Right #3 - Sweep

As seen this morning via the oddity sandwich that is Google Buzz/riotclitshave:

Model: Ulorin Vex
Photographer: Allan Amato

This is definitely Doin' It Right [TM]. Heck yes.

Skinner UnaFlow Steam Engine

Skinner Unaflow Steam Engine at Nichols and Stone Factory in Gardner, MAThis is a 26" bore Skinner UnaFlow steam engine with a 275 KVA alternator attached. 



Kevin Rolly's photography

(image: Kevin Rolly, AKA Kevissimo, seen here as SteamMonk)

Friend and co-BurningMan-conspirator Kevin Rolly is a fantastic photographer- He often paints and collages photos, creating an otherworldy beauty.

Link is to his Flickr site, which has some NSFW images.

Quaintrelles, Dandies, and Flâneurs #3


Back with another round of street fashion and casual, wearable steampunk! This week's featured soul is writer and critic Jessica Lawson. I stayed at her current residence in San Francisco last week as I toured with The Ghosts Project, and I was pleasantly surprised when she emerged in the following get-up. Jessica is employed as a teacher at the University of Iowa, and her clothing choices prove that one can be professional and fashion forward simultaneously.

We took these images outside Macky Hall on the California College of the Arts campus, Oakland, CA. Thank you to Jessica for posing for me and for letting me borrow her camera. I thought I'd be clever and leave my SLR at home for a change, but it seems I can't escape playing photog, ever. :) Read on for outfit details!

Yr Doin' It Right #2 - Flickr Favorites

5314mOne of my favorite late-night time-wasting activities is trolling Flickr for shiny bits. There are so many glorious puddles of inspiration nestled in photo sets and galleries, and I adore frolicking through them. I'd like to share with you some of my tasty findings in regards to vintage punk fashion. Delish.

Thank you to all of the models, photographers, artists, and designers whose work I reference below. Click through the photos for additional details. <3

[Image to the right is of Magdalene Veen, taken by The Dag Lab. Stained fishnet stockings make sexy arm accessories.]

Maker Resolutions for 2010

A very happy new year to all of our readers from the staff of SPWS!

2010 really does sound like the future, does it not? I feel like this year is going to be very productive and positive for many of us. On that note, I'd like to ask you all what your resolutions are, but with a twist: What are you going to make this year? What projects are on the docket? Let's share ideas and trade inspiration.

I intend to work on more DIY fashion--it's been ages since I got out my sewing machine and tailor's chalk. I hope that urging myself to sketch more, stitch more, dye more, and photograph higher-concept shoots will enable me to grow exponentially as an artist and a maker (and give me shinier things to show off here!).

So, what are you going to do?


[In the photo:
Model: Molly Mitchell of Deshret Dance Company
Makeup + Hair: Lindsey Watkins
Corset vest: Molly Mitchell
Hat: Redd Walitski
Military mosquito tent ballskirt and photo: Libby Bulloff]

Steampunk Cruise on Sydney Harbor

Patrick writes:

On the 19th of December I had the good fortune to be a part of a Steampunk Cruise aboard a restored 1902 Steamship called 'The Waratah'. It was a truly incredible Steampunk event and we were fortunate enough to have had a professional photographer onboard with us.

Click through for a few more photos and a link to the full set of wonderful images of what I'm sure was a fabulous cruise of Sydney harbor.  

I am most jealous of these fine folk as they cruise the warm waters of the Southern hemisphere whilst I sit through yet another New England Winter.  Brrrr....

. . .

Happy Merry from SPWS

No brainy fashion content today, folks! Just want to wish you all a happy merry on behalf of the entire staff of SPWS.  May all your days be electrifying.

Should you wish to show 'n brag, feel free to let me know about your favorite gift given/received in the comments section. I scored this gorgeous graphic pottery bowl from MudStuffing. Note the sexy vintage boot images!



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