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Automatic: a robot art show

If'n you're in the SF bay area, I hight suggest checking out this group show bennifiting RoboGames 2010. (Disclaimer: I am in the show, but so are a heck of a lot of other great artists).

Automatic for the people.

Do sentient machines dwell on the existential circuit that leads to the spiritual 404 error?

Does being a machine mean just being a device: literarily, artistically and literally?

Or does everything just boil down to everyone’s deep-seated need to crush all humans and plot eventual total world domination? Find out at Automatic!

November 19, 20, 21, 2009
Exhibit: 5pm-8pm / Beer and wine reception 7pm-12pm on Fri & Sat
@ The lowerDeck Gallery – 2295 3rd Street (below Sundance Coffee in San Francisco)

Robot Paintings and Sculptures from the prodigious talents of: Doctor Popular * Josh Ellingson * I-Wei Huang * Simon Cox * Nils Jawa * Jonathan Foote * Camp Peavy * Alice Koswara * Max Chandler * Eliot K. Daughtry * Adam Davis * Patrick Lake * Phoneticontrol * Mike Hales * Bill Robinson, Liz Mamorsky, Meredith Scheff and many many others!

*”My God, it’s full of robots!” 

Marshmallow love

nom nom nomI made a little watercolor for you guys. It's a lady and her marshmallows..and welding gear.

you can see various stages of the painting on my ustream channel.

It's up for sale in my Etsy Store.

[Larger version behind the cut]

Live painting on Ustream

mm...marshmallowsIn addition to contributing here in word form, I am also a cartoonist and illustrator. I don't always do steampunk thematic stuff, but today I am. So, for your viewing pleasure, im going to be Ustream-ing the watercolor-ing of the above drawing. The subsequent painting will then be for sale at my Etsy store along with the pencils of the same. Link to my Ustream.

Ustream is great-  normally alone at the drafting table clad in my battle shorts, now I can share that experience with you, the viewer!

The Ustream will begin now-ish (3:45 pm Pacific) and go until..whenever I am done.


Oxford Steampunk Exhibition Documentary

A very nice documentary about the Steampunk exhibition at the Oxford Museum of the History of Science.

This exhibition was curated by Art Donovan who you will recall did a similar gallery show in the Hamptons last year.

[Via Make:Blog]

Oxford Steampunk Exhibition Documentary

Steampunk Art @ Oxford

The Steampunk exhibition at the Oxford Museum of the History of Science opened yesterday!

Art Donovan writes:

I promise you that the art in this show is nothing like you have ever seen! Not to be "booster-ish" or anything, but I've had to wire my jaw closed after seeing the artist's works in the completed installation.

Dr. Bennett and his Museum Staff have presented an exhibition that is truly unique, culturally significant and absolutely unrivaled. (The private opening party tonight was astounding). Location: Broad Street, Oxford.

WIRED also has a nice slideshow with images of the artwork on display!

Dave Geertsen's Steampunk Motorcycle


Quote from L.A. Bike Show Website "What is it? Some bike contest entries defied classification and description..."

We know what it is, don't we folks?  It's Steampunk!  

This is the home of Dave Geertsen's home made metal sculpture on wheels,the wheels are straight but his custom motorcycles are anything but off the shelf. If you have a creative idea or a custom motor bike part you would like to have made or created by a true artist, metal worker, craftsman and biker you have come to the right place, the home of bentwheel.         [via THE NEW CAFE (RACER) SOCIETY]


Work Corset - Inspired by Carhartt Work Clothing

San Francisco artist Nifer Fahrion created this work clothing inspired corset to wear at Burning Man this year. I particularly like the cordless drill holster, the one I have clips to my belt and does nothing but pull my pants down.

From Nifer's site:

For the past year, I've desired to create a garment which blends the femininity and elegance of a corset with the durability and ruggedness of a workbelt. Recently, I shared my idea with the talented seamstress and designer Robynne Winchester of Tulgey Wood Designs. She was instantly excited about the concept and agreed to collaborate to make it a reality.

Full story here!

The Art of Ivan Mavrovic

Click through to Mental Design to see an amazing collection of artwork by Ivan Mavrovic including this skull mouse!  I particularly like the cellphones he's done and the his Steampunk keyboard the "Crystal Deluxe" is one of the best ever! I so want a pair of the Steampunk Matrix spectacles too!

Cirque Berzerk 2009 Season Finale this Weekend!


Oh this looks like all kinds of fun!

Cirque Berzerk was born at Burning Man and has been described as a “circus on acid,” “French burlesque meets ‘Sweeney Todd’ meets Cirque du Soliel” and “P.T. Barnum’s worst nightmare,” Cirque Berzerk returns to the Los Angeles State Historic Park June 18th-July 5th with a bigger, more twisted adult big top experience. It’s a show that’ll tickle your innards with a psychotically-tinged sultry evening filled with sinewy acrobats, sensual aerialists, fiery burlesque dancers and a host of evil clowns. For tickets and more info on this wild, sexy, decadent and demented alternative circus, call 866-55-TICKETS or visit cirqueberzerk.com.

More here!

Laurence's Etched Altoids Tins

 altoid etched rhino

Laurence writes:

Dear Sir:

I have added some pictures to my flickr photoset of my new etching designs.

Your site was the inspiration for this madness. Each design has to be hunted for, modified, printed, modified again, etched, modified again, and then a batch of 'production quality' are all etched. And then off to the next design.

Thanks again for the inspiration.

I think these are just fabulous! There are a couple more after the cut but be sure to click through to Laurence's Flicker and check out the copper plated Fulton's Nautilus tin!

Modern Alchemy - The building of Ignatius The Firepig.

You may recall Patrick Johnson's marvelous short film Granite Copper Motor from earlier this year. Recently Patrick spent some time with my friends David, Dennis, and Brady, while they designed and constructed a steam boiler dubbed 'Ignatius the Firepig.'  I do so love Patrick's calm and peaceful treatment which is the antithesis of todays frenetic, falsely dramatic, cable television style.


Modern Alchemy from Patrick Johnson on Vimeo.

A short documentary featuring artists David Dowling, Dennis Svoronos and Brady Scott as they design and construct their steam boiler, Ignatius.

Directed by:
Patrick Johnson - www.journeymanstudios.com

David Dowling 
Dennis Svoronos
Brady Scott

Music by:
John Murphree - www.johnmurphree.com

Camera by:
Patrick Johnson
Ben Hartman - www.who-is-sure.com

Damnation Hildebrandt!

Things have been far too quiet, I have heard nothing from the labs of my arch nemesis Jake-of-all-Trades Hildebrandt - and now I know why.  Not since Kirk bellowed "KHAAA....AAN!!" has the interwebs heard such exasperation!  So THIS is what you've been up to?  My god man, what have you wrought?

More here and two more shots after the cut - the rest at Jake-of-all-Trades Flickr.

The Art of Thomas Kuntz


From the artist's site:

Thomas Kuntz is a contemporary artist fighting to bring ancient arcana and modern technologies together as weapons for aesthetic enlightenment. He was born in Phoenix Arizona as the youngest of four siblings.

His father, a surgeon, and his mother, a folk artist and doll maker, both provided the necessary genepool and a stimulating environment for him to grow into early on.

Thomas has been working constantly as a professional artist since 1986, but his private projects tend to feature the mysterious,uncanny,sometimes darkly horrific and bittersweet sad aspects of human nature.He has devoted a lifetime to aquire the skills of designer, sculptor, mechanician, automatist, animator, modelmaker, painter and conceptualist.

Thomas' work is pretty amazing! Be sure to watch through the demonstration of the automaton above, the second half of the video details some of it's construction. There are more movies of Thomas' creations here, and you can visit his website here.

The Photography of Libby Bulloff - in Seattle Today !

Libby Bulloff

March 1-29, 2009
Today! Thursday, March 5, 6-11 pm
Pioneer Square Art Walk
Utilikilts Flagship Store
620 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA, 98104

Libby Bulloff is the Annie Leibowitz of Steampunk! I've followed her work for some time now and I really love her composition and use of color - there is a calm joyfulness in her images that makes me happy.

Libby writes:

I have a solo art show coming up at the Utilikilts flagship store in Seattle! I will present work from 2007-2009, including new portraits from three studio shoots at Starfish. Prints will be available, as will complimentary snacks (read: custom Naftali chocolates) and dance beats. Please come on out and say hello (and feel free to grope the manskirts whilst you’re at it)!

I’ve also recently booked a small group photography show at Zero Zero (also in Seattle), but this won’t occur until August, which gives me plenty of time to shoot new, brightly-colored work. :)


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