G.I.Z.M.O Duck sculpture

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This sculpture by Deviantart user Timbone is insane and wonderful. I love how much detail, effort,  and care went into a character who's tagline was 'blathering blatherskite'. ​    

Ira Sherman’s mechanical sculptures: yes sir, may I have another?

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Entombed in an ancient Geocities site, Ira Sherman’s mechanized sculpture (Google-cache) is unsettling in a very seductive way. It’s as if medieval doctors were transported to some futuristic-sounding year (what is that year, now that we live in 2009?), given free reign to unwilling subjects and a metal shop.

The Ordinator: Slighty Baffling but Beautiful Sculpture

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I’m not entirely sure what I am looking at here, but the ‘Ordinator‘ by Flickr user Imajilon is a pretty sexy bit of workmanship. It’s like some weird steampunk/psychedilic milkshake. I want to pull the levers and run my hands over the grill; expecting electrical shocks and vision quests. 

Vintage Tomorrows – At Powell’s Books Monday March 25th

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Hey Portland! Don't miss futurist Brian David Johnson and cultural historian James Carrott at they explore steampunk, a cultural movement that's captivated thousands of artists, designers, makers, hackers, and writers throughout the world. The even is at Powell's Books at Cedar Hills Crossing ​on Monday, March 25th @ 7:00PM. Hey! I really like the model they got

Flaming Lotus Girls fundraiser ‘In the Red’

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This last summer I spend a good amount of time working with The Flaming Lotus girls, an industrial/large art group in San Francisco.  This year they (we, I suppose) made a sculpture called Timpani Lambada, the largest  they've ever built. The piece was amazing, and really a testament to

Steampunk comes to the Pier Show

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Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum are taking some of their Steampunked Home on the road, specifically to The Pier Antique show in New York. See the press release below.  -Jake STEAMPUNK COMES TO THE PIER SHOW NOV. 13 & 14, 2010 Think Jules Verne and H.G. Wells.  Think Frankenstein and Dr.

Strowger Switchgear

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I just finished a project for Jeff VanderMeer's Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities and while I can't show you the sculptures I made (we're saving that for the book's debut) I can tell you that one of the pieces exemplified a new aesthetic for me, sort of an early

Automatic: a robot art show

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If’n you’re in the SF bay area, I hight suggest checking out this group show bennifiting RoboGames 2010. (Disclaimer: I am in the show, but so are a heck of a lot of other great artists). Automatic for the people. Do sentient machines dwell on the existential circuit that leads

Dave Geertsen’s Steampunk Motorcycle

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  Quote from L.A. Bike Show Website "What is it? Some bike contest entries defied classification and description…" We know what it is, don't we folks?  It's Steampunk!   This is the home of Dave Geertsen's home made metal sculpture on wheels,the wheels are straight but his custom motorcycles are anything

This weekedend: Fire Arts Festival; Neverwas Haul fundraiser

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It’s a busy weekend here in the SF bay. The incredible, annual, flammable Fire Arts Festival is taking place. It’s put on by The Crucible, a "con-profit collaboration of arts, industry, and community". From the site: "Each July The Crucible’s Fire Arts Festival celebrates creativity through fire and light