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Metal Casting

Foundry Furnace - Final

[Updated. Click through for the details. I gotta stop saying "final iteration!" - Jake]

Here's the final iteration of my foundry furnace. I've re-built the burner to be fired with propane and waste oil rather than gasoline and waste oil. I built my oil injector based on plans from the wonderful folks over at Lionel Labs, it's essentially identical to "The Brute."  

I also added a light pole. Since I have a day job, night-time is often my only opportunity for recreation of the metal melting sort.


Foundry Furnace Part 4 - Gasoline Burner

Part 4 of my foundry furnace build, the gasoline burner assembly. I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out and the test firings have all of the neighbors asking "What's he building in there?What's he BUILDING in there?!"


Click through for the full story as well as a larger version of the video and many pictures!

Foundry Furnace - Part 3 - Casting the Refractory

More progress on the foundry furnace!


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