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Blackbird Orchestra at SteamCon II

Update: It's even better because I just found out that Unwoman (Erica Mulkey) is playing 3 songs with Blackbird Orchestra at SteamCon!
OMG! Squee! her
Casualties and The Keys albums have been in my rotation since she issued them.

Oh Cool! I've just discovered that Blackbird Orchestra is playing SteamCom II next week (Sunday 1-2 PM in the Cabaret) so I will be able to see them live! I am really enjoying their latest Fables and Fields Green You should probably buy a copy now lest they sellout at SteamKaaahn!.

Steampunk comes to the Pier Show


Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum are taking some of their Steampunked Home on the road, specifically to The Pier Antique show in New York. See the press release below.  -Jake


NOV. 13 & 14, 2010

Think Jules Verne and H.G. Wells.  Think Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll.  Mix mad-scientist speculation with Victorian sensibility and throw in a bit of Sci-Fi.  What do you have?  Steampunk – one of the most fascinating design and lifestyle trends today.  At the upcoming Pier Show, Nov. 13 & 14 on Pier 94, Steampunk will take center stage when ten of its most avid admirers and practitioners present the Steampunk House - – a fantastic, futuristic exhibit devoted to Steampunk creations and design ideas for the home. 

Steampunk Fortnight on Tor.com

My apologies for being a bit late with this for Steampunk Fortnight at Tor Books has already begun!

Last year at around this time, Tor.com was deep in the throes of Steampunk Month, our first attempt to focus on a specific topic for a short period of time and see what we could say about it. A year later, steampunk is still hunting for the tiniest glimmers of recognition within mainstream culture. Whereas, in our corner of the world, you can’t take more than a few steps without encountering a glittering new dirigible or an old standby whose brass accents are being buffed to a high sheen. Everyone has an opinion about steampunk these days.*

Be sure not to not miss SPWS friend Ay-leen The Peacemaker's essay and the sneak peek at Jeff VanderMeer's up coming Steampunk Bible!

Get the Whirlygig to the Museum

[Another Kickstarter project I'm backing: my friend Tom Sepe is trying to get his Whirlygig Emoto to the CRMI]

How do ya get a steam-electric hybrid motorcycle across country? With your help! (and a very strong box!)

The Charles River Museum of Art and Innovation's new exhibit: "Steampunk, Form and Function" is hosting a design competition and my bike, the Whirlygig Emoto, needs help getting there!

She'll need a custom crate and rush shipping in order to make it to Massachusettes by October 22nd, the opening of the exhibit! The money will help pay for the crate and the shipping to and from the Museum . . . 

Charles River Museum of Industry--Steampunk: Form and Function

[The following is a press release for an event at the Charles River Museum of Industry in Waltham, Massachusetts - Jake]

An Exhibition of Innovation, Invention and Gadgetry

At The Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation’s new exhibit Steampunk: Form & Function – An Exhibition of Innovation, Invention and Gadgetry, sponsored by Steampuffin (www.steampuffin.com), modern technology meets the Victorian era.

Inspired by the works of authors like Jules Verne and H.G Wells, and grown out of the world of science fiction, Steampunk has become a cultural phenomenon like that of the punk rock movement of the 1980’s or the goth movement of the 1990’s.  

. . .

New England Steampunk Festival at the Charles River Museum of Industry

From the flyer:

Jules Verne meets modern technology during a daylong festival at the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation in Waltham. Enjoy hands on activities, interactive exhibits, vendors, live music and more at this event celebrating everything steampunk!
This looks like a lot of fun! Click on the flyer or download the PDF for more information!
The Charles River Museum of Industry is really a wonderful place and I've been there myself many times. Alas, they are closed to the public at the moment while they conserve and repair exhibits which were damaged in the recent flooding of the Charles River.

The Steampunk Festival itself was originally scheduled in April but was moved back to May 1st in response to the flooding situation. Please show up and support this wonderful resource for Steampunks in the region!

World Steam Expo - Michigan!

Arthur writes:

The First Annual World Steam Expo is coming to the midwest!  Be there as we break new ground in the steampunk world with exciting guests including Abney Park and Tartanic!  See the Mad Scientist's marvelous contraptions at the Mad Science Fair!    Be dazzled at the Midnight Carnival!  Join the gentry for the charity masquerade ball to raise money for local educational programs!  See Thomas Edison's actual laboratory!  Go hands on in the museum dedicated to industry!  There will be panelists from all over the steampunk world that have stumped us with awe and amazement such as the Foglio's of "Girl Genius" and the mythic G.D. Falksen!  Don't miss out on the opportunity to see all of them and much more! 

The event will take place Memorial Day weekend from Friday, May 28th through Monday, May 31st!
This amazing exposition will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Dearborn along with the Henry Ford Museusm and Greenfield Village!

Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition

Coming up soon! 

The Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition will be happening march 12-14th in Emeryville, CA and looks like it will be a blast- they've got some amazing tallent and projects coming in to exhibit and strut their stuff.

Oxford Steampunk Exhibition Documentary

A very nice documentary about the Steampunk exhibition at the Oxford Museum of the History of Science.

This exhibition was curated by Art Donovan who you will recall did a similar gallery show in the Hamptons last year.

[Via Make:Blog]

Oxford Steampunk Exhibition Documentary

Steampunk Art @ Oxford

The Steampunk exhibition at the Oxford Museum of the History of Science opened yesterday!

Art Donovan writes:

I promise you that the art in this show is nothing like you have ever seen! Not to be "booster-ish" or anything, but I've had to wire my jaw closed after seeing the artist's works in the completed installation.

Dr. Bennett and his Museum Staff have presented an exhibition that is truly unique, culturally significant and absolutely unrivaled. (The private opening party tonight was astounding). Location: Broad Street, Oxford.

WIRED also has a nice slideshow with images of the artwork on display!

SteamCon Seattle - October 23-25, 2009


Well it's October at last!  Here at the Workshop most of our projects will go on hold while we prepare for Hallowe'en, but I do plan to take a few days off to attend SteamCon in Seattle!  Tor books has a great interview with Steamcon Vice Chair Diana Vick that will give you an idea of what to expect.  One take-away I got from the interview is the limited availability of tickets for the Saturday night concert with Abney Park, Unwoman, and Vernian Process.

Get yours now and I'll see you there!

Meredith Scheff at MISSION: Comics and Arts

Our own Meredith Scheff be showing her art in a show tomorrow. It’s her first show outside of school and she would love to see you all there. There will be prints, originals, and comics. 

here’s the info:


Space Gallery: 1141 Polk St., San Francisco, CA 94109
on Friday 07/24/09 – from 9 PM to 2 AM

From the Mission: Comics site:

Mission: Comics & Art will be a retail book store and art gallery that specializes in graphic novels, monthly comic books and fine art.

While I continue to work on securing the right location for this venture, come join and celebrate the comic book art form, and enjoy artwork influenced by comic book or working with comic book themes.

DJs: Discobotic & twiita (myhouse)

Audrey Welch
Betsy Lam
Chris Conroy
Eli Maness
Matt Delight
Meredith Scheff-King
telephone & soup
Travis Nichols
W.A.M. – Women’s Art Movement

Mer hopes to see you there! It should be awesome!

Today! Wayfarers of the Gypsy Mansion in Seattle

Those masterful mavens of music promotion,
Bulloff and Brugh Present:

WAYFARERS OF THE GYPSY MANSION - a musical bazaar of sorts
and DJ Q.

Sunday, May 10, 2009 3 pm to 10 pm
The Little Red Studio
750 Harrison Street, Seattle, WA
ALL-AGES, $15 donation

Wearables, craftables, and edibles provided by a plethora of local and regional artisans. We will take a dinner break (with DJ) at 6:30 pm - please bring your own sack meal, a picnic to share, or food can be acquired from two of our vendors. Vegan options available. Adult beverages can be purchased by 21+ individuals.

Willow and Libby are justifiably excited about bringing HUMANWINE to Seattle! Friends from Sock Dreams will also be arriving from Portland to vend excellent foot/legwear.

Larger poster is here. Leave a comment here if you’d like to help out at the event or hang flyers–Libby has an 11×17 hi-res PDF in the wings for print-yr-own. Spread the word. All are welcome.

These are the times, my friends. And these are the days. Where the world becomes malleable, palpable. When novelty and genius are within our reach. We are cautioned against being passionate about these things by tales of progress turned to greed and of technology turning on us. And yet, the golden light is just right, the clocks are synchronizing, the stars are in alignment.

This is what we celebrate tonight. We celebrate these transient times, with these transient artists.

- c. lantz

[You may remember HUMANWINE from Make:TV Episode 103 which you can view after the cut - just skip ahead to 7:50, no need to sit through any of that other guy, again. This looks to be an absolutely AMAZING event and I desperately wish I could be there! - Jake]

The Photography of Libby Bulloff - in Seattle Today !

Libby Bulloff

March 1-29, 2009
Today! Thursday, March 5, 6-11 pm
Pioneer Square Art Walk
Utilikilts Flagship Store
620 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA, 98104

Libby Bulloff is the Annie Leibowitz of Steampunk! I've followed her work for some time now and I really love her composition and use of color - there is a calm joyfulness in her images that makes me happy.

Libby writes:

I have a solo art show coming up at the Utilikilts flagship store in Seattle! I will present work from 2007-2009, including new portraits from three studio shoots at Starfish. Prints will be available, as will complimentary snacks (read: custom Naftali chocolates) and dance beats. Please come on out and say hello (and feel free to grope the manskirts whilst you’re at it)!

I’ve also recently booked a small group photography show at Zero Zero (also in Seattle), but this won’t occur until August, which gives me plenty of time to shoot new, brightly-colored work. :)


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