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Eamespunk Recumbent Trike


Wow! This bent-wood 'bent is beautiful! Click through for a build log - english translation is here.

Hardshell Bicycle Trunk

vista lights and vista strobeHere are some pictures of a hard shell trunk I made for my all-weather commuter bike out of an industrial dual compartment mop bucket.

Originally published at Bike-Recumbent.com.

Short Wheelbase Recumbent Bike

This is a short wheelbase fully suspended recumbent bike I built about 10 years ago. It worked quite well, but ultimately I decided I liked my Tour Easy better.

Originally published at Bike-Recumbent.com

A Visual Aid for Bike Design

short wheel base drawingA visual aid for designing recumbent bikes.


Originally published at Bike-Recumbent.com

Front Wheel Drive Moving Bottom Bracket Experiments

front wheel drive bikeSome random experiments with front wheel drive bikes.

Originally published at Bike-Recumbent.com

Cheap Hydration System for a Recumbent Bicycle.

cheap hydration systemWhen I changed the handlebars on my Tour Easy for a "T" bar arrangement I needed to find a new place for my water bottles. I took a look at some of the Camelback type systems available but balked at their prices. In the past I'd used homemade "hydration" systems made from soda bottles and plastic tubing so I decided to try it again. This time, however, I added two features that really worked out well.

More after the cut, previously published at Bike-Recumbent.com - Jake

Home Depot Bike Headlight

Home Depot Bike LightsHow to make high power bicycle headlights with materials from your local home center.

This is an article from a few years back that was up at Bike-Recumbent.com, I'm consolidating everything from there over to here.

Nearly five years after I built them I am still using these headlights with the original bulbs. The 50 watt beam is awesome, oncoming cars always dim their brights when I flash it and it provides plenty of light for the 45 MPH downhill on my way home from work.

 - Jake

Retro bike stuff - Orange Velo

From Steubens Wheelmen! Here's a shot of The Brass Lion with a Down Low Glow "Fossil Amber" light from Rock The Bike !

And since we are talking bike accessory you should pop over to Velo ORANGE for some truly wonderful retro-bike accessories like this pair of paniers!

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