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Dave Veloz's Mac Mini Mod, Monitor, & Keyboard

There is nothing in the world that I like better then receiving pictures of things that people have been inspired to build by my projects.  When I opened my mail and discovered these photos of Dave's monitor, keyboard, and Mini Mac wrap I squeed like teen on LJ!  

In interviews I've often described Steampunk as the intersection of technology and romance - well here is the story to prove it!

Steampunk Car Project - Dashboard, Wiring, Lights

gauges in dashboard

Work on the Steampunk car continues.  Here I remove the rotted seats and mildewed interior. Rebuild and rewire the dash as well as replace the VW tail lights with reproduction Model A lamps.

Molly 'Porkshanks' Friedrich's Dieselpunk Headphone Mod

Guest artist Molly porkshanks Friedrich shows us how to update a pair of vintage headphones for use with an iPod or MP3 player.


A Victorian RV - Construction

recycled wood and audi seat

Here is a brief summary of the construction of my school bus RV. Most of this images were originally publish at www.vonslatt.com.

A Victorian RV

Victorian RV - Salon

In 1982 I was a sophomore at a small college in the Midwest. It was the beginning of second term and I was again standing in line at the on-campus book store waiting to pay for a too-heavy stack of text books. The line was not moving at all so I put my books down on the floor and started flipping through the coffee table books on display. The book I chose to pick up first was titled Rolling Homes - Handmade House on Wheels by Jane Lidz. Thus the seed was planted.

This project was first published on vonslatt.com but I recently put together this video so I thought I'd collect some of the best images from the original build log and re-publish it here since was really the first  steampunkish project I did.

Steampunk Car Project - Initial Survey

CMC Mercedes Gazelle SSK replicar front

Late in 2007 I spotted this car on eBay with a "Buy it Now" price of $1500 and, well, bought it then.  Its a 1929 Mercedes Gazelle SSK replica made by Classic Motor Carriages. CMC made these cars in the late '70s and early '80s. In fact,

I remember seeing advertisements for the kits in the back of Popular Science magazine when I was younger and thinking they looked pretty cool. I later came to realize their intrinsic cheesiness; but that makes them all the more hackable as I won't be getting email from all over hell-and-gone telling me I've ruined a collectible car!

Car Carrier Trailer

finish trailer without deck

If you've visited here before you know that one of my long term projects is to built a fully road-able steam powered automobile.  In addition to requiring a great deal of research, such a project requires tools.  I will need machine tools such as a lathe and a milling machine.  I'll also need a flat bed trailer, initially to bring home the machine tools, but also to fetch the donor car that I'll base my vehicle on.

Halloween Decorations 2007

Jake's Hollywood Adventure and Etching an iPod

photo sensitive ipod etch

OK, I was reckless. I went ahead and etched my iPod without doing extensive tests on electrolytic etching of stainless steel. But you see, I had a deadline - a flight to Los Angeles to be on television and I wanted the iPod done for the show.

Steampunk Flat-Panel LCD Mod

side view of the steampunk monitor

The Steampunk Keyboard looked terribly anachronistic sitting in front of my Dell 1907FP flat panel monitor and while I hesitated to tear open a $300 monitor that was still under warrantee, art must be served.


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