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Laurence’s Etched Altoids Tins

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  Laurence writes: Dear Sir: I have added some pictures to my flickr photoset of my new etching designs. Your site was the inspiration for this madness. Each design has to be hunted for, modified, printed, modified again, etched, modified again, and then a batch of ‘production quality’

Steampunk Keyboard Mod

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My goal with this project was to build a retro keyboard that was fully functional and of a sufficient quality that it could be used everyday by a touch typist.  In order to achieve this I chose a high quality (though widely available) keyboard as my starting point.  This

Jake’s Google Reader Shared Items

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I’ve decided that I’m not going to maintain the feed to SPWS from my Google Reader shared item page.  However, if you are still interested in watching the feed, you’ll find it Here.   Jake.